Our offer

Automatisation of production processes and logistical processes

Automatisation means implementing solutions which integrate work of humans, machines and informatic systems - that allows to minimise number of mistakes which may occur during those processes and maximise the effectiveness of fulfillment of both external and internal orders.

Machine design and construction

We make prototypes for various industries. Every issue is realised individually - we start every process with recognition of our customer's needs. Then we make our preliminary draft and continue optimising the process. The next step is fullfilling the order - production, delivery, montage and launching the machine. Every machine produced by us is provided with a warranty. We also provide technical support even after the warranty period.

PLC Programming

We program PLC drivers of world’s leading manufacturers like Siemens, Vipa, Omron, Mitsubishi, Pro-face, Fatek. We also integrate PLC drivers with HMI panels and SCADA software. By using OPC technology, we are able to integrate PLC driver with software written in C#. We also provide replacement of old PLC systems with a new ones.

SCADA Visualisations

In decentralized automation concept, SCADA system is a neccessary element of an installation. These systems are used to manage and control production or logistical processes. They also allow to archivise production data and save it into the database. As Navimatik, we make visualisations and software for SCADA systems.

HMI programming

HMI panel is a fundamental tool for machine operators. It allows them to control the machine. Nowadays, most of the new machines and technological lines are equipped with HMI panel which shows graphical information about process or condition of the machine. We program HMI panels of world's leading manufacturers.

Prefabrication of control cabinets

We make control cabinets using electrical documentation which can be made by us or given by the customer. Production takes place in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.

Preparation of technical documentation

We prepare electrical and mechanical documentation for our machines which include eletrical, mechanical, hydraulical and pneumatical projects. For creating it we use SolidWorks software. We provide services related with creating a new documentation for already existing machines or making CAD documentation for different parts of machines. Our documentation is fully digitized. We also inventarise existing automation systems and make corrections or create quite new technical documentation for them.